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S. Chris Edmonds

The Purposeful Culture Group

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Oct 21, 2019

Does your workplace treat men differently than women?

Your initial reaction might be, “My company pays women less than men.” Pay inequity is an issue that is gaining attention, though too few organizations are taking aggressive steps to solve that gap.

Our challenge is that women experience greater workplace gaps than just salary.

TINYpulse’s new Gender Equity Report examines data from over 200,000 employees in 488 global organizations to understand the female experience in today’s workplace.

The results are powerful – and disappointing.

53% of men rate their work environment as very good. Only 41% of women believe the same. That’s a huge gap – and it may explain the loyalty divide: 52% of men say they’ll be working at their current organization in one year while only 40% of women commit to that.

When examining the degree to which women are valued for their work contributions, women report receiving 17% less recognition than men.

It’s not surprising that women feel more insecure in their current roles than men do, 40% to 33%. And it’s not surprising that women are more inclined to be job hunting today.

In this episode of my Culture Leadership Charge video series, I describe the single most important thing to fix in your company’s efforts to demonstrate full equal treatment.

This is episode seventy-six of my Culture Leadership Charge video & podcast series. In these concise episodes, I presents the best practices for creating and maintaining a purposeful, positive, productive culture - at work, at home, and in your community.

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