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Driving Results Through Culture

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S. Chris Edmonds

The Purposeful Culture Group

Author of the Amazon best seller The Culture Engine

One of Inc.'s Top 100 Leadership Speakers of 2018

One of Richtopia's 200 Top Influential Authors 

May 20, 2019


I am working on my next book, which I’m writing with the brilliant Mark Babbitt. It’s in the proposal stage and you’ll hear much more about our book in the months to come.

In our research and interviews, two consistent themes are apparent:
* first, the failure of leaders to improve employee engagement or the employee experience over the past 30 years, and
* second, the failure of leaders in the past 10 years to adapt workplace assumptions, practices, and structure to accommodate younger generations entering the workforce.

These failures have, not surprisingly, led to increases in workplace stress.

2018 study by Korn Ferry found that 76% of respondents reported that stress at work had a negative impact on personal relationships. 66% report they’ve lost sleep due to work stress. 16% quit their jobs due to stress.

Leaders have a huge impact on workplace stress. 35% of respondents say that their boss is their biggest source of job stress. 80% say a change in leadership (a new direct boss, for example) negatively impacts their stress levels.

In this episode, I share how leaders' plans, decisions, and actions become powerful role models in their work culture (for better or worse).

This is episode sixty-six of my Culture Leadership Charge video & podcast series. In these concise episodes, I presents the best practices for creating and maintaining a purposeful, positive, productive culture - at work, at home, and in your community.

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