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S. Chris Edmonds

The Purposeful Culture Group

Author of the Amazon best seller The Culture Engine

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Jun 15, 2021

Today’s video features Good Comes First book co-authors Mark Babbitt and me discussing what it takes to build and sustain an uncompromising work culture. Here’s an excerpt.

Mark: Chris, a question I get often is not so much why this book, but why now? We’re coming out of this strange phase of business with a pandemic. And so, what does why now mean to you?

Chris: The idea of having leaders be interested in doing better, doing different . . . they can see the flaws of their operation, but often their focus is so exclusive to results and productivity and performance that the way people treat each other doesn’t appear on their radar screens at all.

And yet, as we think of our best bosses and the great bosses that we’ve studied for 30 years, they’re very much in tune with the way people are treated in the workplace. And so relationships are critical. And yet we don’t necessarily define what we mean by respect or integrity or honesty. We don’t measure it.

There’s this belief that if we announce it, then it’s going to magically influence everyone to be civil. And we know that does not happen. And particularly now with the tremendous negative, devastating impacts on many businesses that the pandemic has had globally, we’re now seeing businesses try to reopen. There’s a belief that we’ll plug people into the old system, the old structure. And we’ll operate from our, as leaders, old assumptions – and there could not be a bigger disaster headed your way if you try.

Watch this video for Mark’s insights on the “new normal.” (It’s not pretty.)

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